Weekly Wimminz
Self Defense Class

The series of women’s self-defense seminars we’ve done have been very well received and led us to offer this ongoing class. This 90-minute class prioritizes escape first and techniques which presume an attacker of larger size and strength. Learn how to hit, escape holds and grabs standing and on the ground, and get to safety!

When?Sundays 2 p.m.
Where?University District, Seattle, Washington
For Whom? All levels
How Much?15 USD

Prioritize escape first

The three, 30-minute blocks of training are stand up striking, defense against standing grabs/holds, and fighting on the ground. The instructor, Jarlo Ilano, specializes in techniques that fit well for smaller body types, and will be assisted by 1-2 of our higher level female students. Your first class with us is free! After that, there is a $15 drop in fee, with no obligations or contracts. 

About Jarlo Ilano

Jarlo has been training in various martial arts for over 30 years and has been regularly teaching for 20. His varied background includes instructor level ranking in various martial arts and fighting methods, with an emphasis on realistic and practical strategies. His main goal is to teach students how to fight effectively as quickly as possible and enjoy their training.