Jarlo Ilano

Physical Therapist & Martial Artist

Jarlo Ilano has been teaching martial arts for over 20 years, with a primary focus in the Filipino Martial Arts. His main goal is to teach students how to fight effectively as quickly as possible and enjoy their training.


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Along with his martial arts credentials, Jarlo has also been a Physical Therapist (MPT) since 1998 and is a board certified orthopedic clinical specialist (OCS) with the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties. He is also a co-founder and COO of GMB Fitness. 

This background and his experience with a wide variety of students and patients over the years helps him to provide the best teaching and adaptations for each individual in a way that will help them progress well and safely.

  • Battlefield Kali Stick Instructor Level 3 under Burton Richardson
  • Battlefield Kali Knife Instructor Level 2 under Burton Richardson
  • Battlefield Kali Sword Instructor Level 1 under Burton Richardson
  • MMA For The Street Instructor Level 2 under Burton Richardson
  • BJJ For The Street Purple Belt under Burton Richardson
  • Modern Cimande Silat Instructor Level 3 Under Ed Wong
  • Stunt Performer

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GMB Fitness

Jarlo Ilano - GMB Cofounder & Managing Director

GMB is about creating Physical Autonomy and freedom in your life.

Instead of worrying about nagging pains or limitations, you feel excited to challenge yourself in your favorite sports or activities, and to enjoy new experiences and opportunities as they present themselves.

That’s what we call “Physical Autonomy.”

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